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Department of Nutrition

Today’s nutrition issues in children manifest themselves in the form of stunted growth, obesity, anemia, and other deficiencies. Good nutrition is vital, especially when your child is sick. Our pediatric registered dietitians (RD) are available to children with a physician’s referral as part of hospital inpatient care & nutrition services. We provide well-balanced nutrition plan that fuels growth and development, taking into account the family’s community setting and aim to adapt cultural food preferences whenever possible

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The Nutrition Department at Hope Children’s Hospital, the Best Children’s Hospital in Hyderabad, Telangana, is dedicated to providing infants, children, adolescents and young adults with ample nutrition assessments, a vital part of a fully custom-made care plan for many conditions. At Hope Children’s hospital we design balanced diets to help children manage their condition, grow and develop, and, ultimately, advance their quality of life. For Pediatric Nutrition we are known as one of the Best Children Hospital in Hyderabad.

During childhood, lack of nutrition causes children to have less energy and less interest for learning, which negatively affects the cognitive development and academic performance. Under-nutrition will also affect physical growth and maturation, thus affecting growth rate, body weight and eventually height.

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